Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Episode 6- TOO BORED!!!!!

Well lets just jump right in.
1. Nice surprise face Ashley....not!
2. Dramatic and stalker-ish hall scene no?
3. I like her shirt it looks good on her.
4. Oh there he is...oh gross why did she kiss him.
5. Of course he would show up....hello trip to Hong Kong
6. He never really says anything in my opinion...even before when he talks nothing remotely coherent comes out of his mouth.
7. PERIOD! Get it? Got it? Good.
8. Finally some closure Ashley? You knew him for like a day!
9. Wow she really must have been a bit of a dark cloud before because all the guys notice that she is new and improved.
10. She looks SO ORANGE.
11. I like Lucas
12. I like the pirate ship too.
13. There are a lot of weird competitions this season disguised as group dates.
14. I'm sick of Blake and Ryan they both bug me.
15. What is up with Ben and the country club yellow sweater.
16. JP is still favorite...kind of hope he leaves though because I would hate to see him with a bag of nuts like Ashley.
17. He took the Bentley thing well...if it were me I would have serious reservations about her.
18. Guys are pissed as well they should be....however they are probably a little to girlie about it.
19. Glad Mickey said he wasn't ok with it and left.
20. The other guys talk about how they have serious questions about her now and they stick around.
21. FYI Ashley and Guys I know you don't think about it now but you get to watch the show and get the real scoop.
22. Guys she was crazy about Bentley
23. Ashley they are not ok with the crap you pull.
24. Blake is a flip flopper.
25. That dress is not flattering on her. She's got a cute body but that dress makes her look chunky.
26. Goodbye Blake.
27. I would have loved to see the guys bail on her...now that would be a Bachelorette first and the most dramatic season ever. At least in would be exciting unlike the coma inducing crap going on this season.
28. I hope she ends up alone... seems like she can't let people go...next thing you know she will be having Brad show up...then her high school boyfriend...She needs closure....BLAH

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  1. Too many sheer shirts, the first one was cute, but after wearing them every day, really?! The dress showed her butt and crotch. Even though Bentley is gone now... PERIOD... she was still talking about him a lot, that was annoying!! JP is my favorite too. Ashley is nuts though!