Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Episode 2

Would have posted this sooner but I was just able to watch this weeks episode last night. Hopefully I can remember all I wanted to say.

-I still find Ashley annoying but I think she is a nice the girl had a hot body!
-Ummm did anyone else find the William date inappropriate....not a good idea to be planning a wedding on the first date...Hello desperation!
-William is cute...I'm telling you it's the dimple! However he's never going to win. Sorry dude she's looking for someone to marry and you sell cell phones...go back to school get a real job and then you will have your pick of ladies, I promise!
-Why oh why or why does the Bachelorette always make the guys do things that are uncomfortable. If I paid good money to see the Jabbawockeez the last thing i would want to see is bumbling bachelors fouling it up.
-I'm pretty sure that Ben F. and Constantine are the same person. (is it just me?)
-Already totally sick of douche bag Bentley...hoping that the sneak peak of next week means he is doing one thing right and leaving!
-I don't like West either sorry maybe it's the dead wife thing or the fact that he's a nerd-o!!
-Enough with every guy and his sob story....this is starting to feel like the the horrible talk that was given in church this Sunday about the guy who broke his back and legs and ribs and who knows what else....I digress.
-I wonder where they had that coin made...I want one.
-Kind of bummed JP didn't win the toss.
-The coin flip date is a bore and so is Micky!!!
-Kill Matt...we wanted to see the Phantoms face....RATS!
-Ashley seriously you have good radar??? He's a total player!
-I'm liking about 80% of Ashley's wardrobe...good thing Ashley is the Bachelorette because if it was Chantal it would be a fashion nightmare!
-Any Ben C. fans out there stop reading! He is such a goober!
-Don't keep the Phantom gahhhh and the dentist.
-Who's Lucas? And who cares?
-Sad I liked Ryan M. but he did have some crazy hair.
-I still like Ryan P. he's adorable! I hope she takes him out next week!

I can't remember anything else I wanted to say but if I think of anything I will let you know!

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