Tuesday, April 5, 2011

R's Birthday

R's actual birthday was kind of crappy he did taxes, had his truck break down, and we ended up eating JCW's and cake late at night. We made up for it the next day with dinner and then playing at Provo Beach Resort. Of course the only pictures I have are from the crappy day. Sorry R! I heart you mucho!


Here is another photo dump of my puppy Ali!  I love this stupid dog....and she is stupid!!!

Daddy's 25th birthday...(52nd)

We had a lot of fun this year celebrating my dad's 52 or 25th birthday....We had the whole family and games and cake and pie...it was a good time!

More Snow Stuff

Just dumping some pictures on this for our last bit of winter fun. This was in early March...but the way things are lately maybe we should have kept the winter stuff out longer!