Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Episode 4 & 5

Honestly I just finished watching both of these episodes and they were both total snooze fests! Plus if I hear about Bentley one more stinking time I am going to throw a shoe at the TV!

So here goes my brief blurb about these dumb episodes

1. Constantine looks silly in crazy Orange shorts.
2. Crappy back up play Bachelorette peeps!
3. I like the old Thai man he's got some sound's not about winning that is why this show doesn't really work well.
4. Is Constantine just wet from the rain or is that sweat.
5. Oh it stopped raining he is just sweaty.
6. I like Constantine ok he seems like a pretty real guy and he's not making himself look like an idiot by proclaiming she's the one or anything like that.
7. I like the service project. Poor littles in Thailand. Reminds me of the time I spent in the orphanage in China.
8. Ryan is totally annoying. You aren't the boss and you don't pay these guys so shut it up!
9. Ben is sort of cute. I like his personality.
10. I still love JP and I'm liking Lucas too they are my type of men.
11. Kind of love/hate the JP rain carry!
12. Wow Ryan rude much and you have NOTHING to say...LAME-O
13. I like Ames as a person but his 8-head is killing me. You could write the 10 commandments on him.(of course this is coming from someone with a 3-head)
14. Ummm cooking school? Really? You went to Harvard right? Hmmm.... pretty sure it's called culinary school but I just went to state college.
15. Phuket is amazing. I want to go there today!!!!
16. I know I have said crap about West but I've heard from people who know him and I guess he is pretty class act.
17. Should have sent William home he is a loser!

1. Chiang Mai is also way cool.
2. I like Ben.
3. She has some good guys...too bad she's so boring and annoying. These boys deserve better!
4. The temples are amazing!
5. I like Ashley's outfit.
6. Must have used up the Bachelorette budget on the trip because this date is a snooze.
7. Paining umbrella's?.... You can buy them pre-painted at the dollar store.
8. Mental kiss was strange but cute.
9. Pretty flower garden dinner.
10. Oh no here comes Ben's sob story.
11. These sob stories could make a great country song call that Wes guy from Jillian's season!
12. Ummm yeah so these guys have some nice bodies!
13. This whole date is a bad idea! (remember the roast)
14. I'm sorry but Dentist bugs me.
15. Poor Ames is a lover not a fighter, plus gets stuck with pink shorts, punched by goober Ryan, and having to go to a foreign hospital.
16. Ames looks tired and out of it, but he dressed the best and he's so nice.
17. I love Lucas he's such a man & totally nailed her on the Bentley thing.
18. Ashley's cliche' golf move....I'm going to have to have R teach me the golf swing tonight ;)
19. Wow rose goes to Dentist...hmmmm
20. I love the elephants and that is about all on this 2-1 date.
21. William is a DICK! Catty little boy!
22. She totally buys his BS!
23. Poor Ben was blindsided.
24. Ben you are better off she's nutter butter!
25. William is killing me and he has crazy hair.
26.She's so not into him.
27. Bye Will have fun in that dark rock covered hole. Oh and GROW UP!
28. Dramatic rose burn? How many takes do you think they did of that?
29. NO NO NO NO more Bentley talk PLEASE!
30. Give her closure so his confessionals.
32. Oh Bye Nick
33. I hope the guys bail on her and her crazy love for Bentley. They deserve better and she should get EXACTLY what she asked for!
34. Love the piano video best part of the last 2 episodes!

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  1. agree... "Oh Bentley, I knew him for a whole five seconds but I just know he is the one for me, blah blah blah blah blah I'm stupid!" She is SO ANNOYING with the Bentley talk. It's just because Michelle AND chris warned her about him, so it makes him that much more desirable. I'm more and more convinced that the show was giving Bentley lines and going with his dickness, if they weren't involved, they would have shown Ashley the interview tapes! I like JP the best. I was sad she sent the personal trainer home, he actually seemed like he was one of the few that was there for the right reasons.