Friday, December 24, 2010

Family Tradition!

Today is Christmas Eve and our favorite holiday tradition is when the family uses all the creative juices for the annual "Gingerbread" houses. We had my Uncle Jac and my grandma came up. My cousin Jac and his wife and kids came over, and of course the Henrie's came over too...Here are our creations. I'm not going to lie I redeemed my self after last years disaster!

(here are a ton of pictures. I did the 3 little pigs scene, Brett the copy of our house, Jake and Court the basketball player, the igloo was Laney's, the train was Mirissa's, and Stephanie and Beau made the golf club.)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Daddy's Honey Taffy

Last night dad made his yummy famous honey taffy...I documented it for the someday grand a few other random pictures.

 Mirissa and her cookies.
 Cruela the evil kitty/ and Ali the stupid dog!
Ali's new bling!

 This horrible blasphemy of a shirt that the Henrie's gave my dad for Christmas.