Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Episode 3

Well what more can I say today then goodbye Bentley!

- Ok did anyone else find the dancing with Ben a little strange? Ok maybe it was just me.
-I think it would be fun to dance a huge choreographed number out of nowhere it is a Disney dream come true...but not on a date.
-I guess Ben C. isn't so bad but I still get a goober vibe from him...Maybe it was the white pants pink shirt and navy blazer???
- Phantom is revealed and she is not impressed.
-He should have kept the mask on.
-Phantom is just weird he doesn't even have a cool personality.
-Ok group date idea baddddddd don't do it. She's doing it.
-It's a roast Ash if you can't handle it DON'T DO IT!

-The jokes at the Phantom's expense are priceless.
-William you are cute but you are dumb....Ouch a little below the belt.Plus you aren't even funny!
-I hate Bentley!! Taking and opportunity to mess with her head?! You are the devil!
-Glad Ashley finally told Bentley that she had been warned...Loved how he tried to stammer for a reason that would be said. 
-Are you serious William???  Say you're sorry and make it up to her.
- I wish William got on the bus!!!
-Ashley is buying his totally fake BS! Gahhh girls are dumb.
-Looks like Bentley is going to to one thing right today!
-No way blaming it on your kid? Man up and tell the truth!
-Ashley is a bad crier.
-He is a total creeper...
-Bentley you should hide for a while because the women of Salt Lake City hate you!
-Is that Vaseline on her bed stand? Hope that is for your eye makeup!
-Poor JP!
-He's being a good sport she is totally not fun!
-PJ's on your first date with this guy??? uggg hair and glasses...not hot! Where did his PJ's come from?
-Ha ha ha pj's on JP....I think I might be losing my mind too...Ha ha ha ha
-He's sweet!
-Don't like the cocktail dress.
-Cue dramatic picture turn!
-Chris grab her and shake her.
-He's totally playing her shrink.
-I think at this point the producers should let her see Bentley's "confessions" the girl needs to get over him.
-Good call losing the Phantom...but you should have kept Chris D. instead of William.

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  1. I can't believe she kept william. He seemed nice enough until all the stuff he said. I read some rumors that a lot of what Bentley said was scripted, which is why they never showed her the video interviews of him. I mean really? Rozzlyn got kicked off the bachelor for being there for the wrong reasons, you'd think they would have at least told Ashley that Bentley was scum if it wasn't all for ratings... just my thought!! I like JP and Blake the best I think.