Tuesday, October 26, 2010

All About Lexi

Hello all! This is Lexi and this is my new blog. I am on my own again but this time I have my cute puppy with me. Here is everything you need to know about me as of right now. These are in no particular order!
I have the worlds greatest parents. You may think
"no" my parents are better but you would be wrong!

 My Mom is my best friend she makes me laugh all the time.
My dad pretty much knows everything. If he doesn't know it, it's not worth knowing!
I have a brother named Brett who is honestly brilliant. Plus he's just plain cool.

I have a little brother Jake who is HILLARIOUS. He is also marrying an amazing girl who I love named Courtney!

I have a beautiful sister Mirissa who I loath because of her beauty (and the fact that she would rather hang out with her boyfriend Jon then me!)but love her because of how beautiful she is on the inside.

My little sister Laney is my baby and she is super talented!
I really have a great family. I feel so lucky to have all of them in my life.

I have a wonderful dog named Sasha who lives with my Ex. I miss her she's my pretty girl!
I have a new puppy named Ali who is currently the love of my life.

I became a god mother this year to the cutest baby ever Corrine!

I have amazing friends I am truley blessed to know each and eveyone of you ( Sorry there are far more of you but these are the pictures I have!!! Susan, Kim, Andrea, Eric & Leah)

I love little kiddos. ( Alayla, Garrett, and Isabelle)

I really like to cook and craft.
I get horrible headaches!!!
I feel the closest to heaven in the mountains. I will always try to live near mountains.

I love dragonflies and hate spiders.


I have a serious shoe fetish. 


I wish I was a cowgirl.
I like to take pictures of weirdos (Josh and afro-bot)

I really enjoy taking pictures of the world around me. 

Well thats all I can think of at the moment.

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  1. Your new puppy is so cute! I can't wait to meet her. Your family is growing up so much, I can't believe it. I am thinking of you, and wish I could give you hugs right now! But, I will be able to in a few weeks :)